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Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines for Driving and Community Mobility for Older Adults
Wendy B. Stav, PhD, SCDCM, OTR/L; Linda A. Hunt, PhD, OTR/L; and Marian Arbesman, PhD, OTR/L
Using an evidence-based perspective and key concepts from the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, this guideline provides an overview of the occupational therapy process from driving to community mobility among older adults. It defines this process and the nature, frequency, and duration of intervention that occurs within the boundaries of acceptable practice. It also can serve as a reference for health care practitioners, state driver licensing agencies, age-related agencies, transit and transportation authorities, municipal planning organizations, older adults, families and caregivers, health care facility managers, education and health care regulators, third-party payers, and managed care organizations.

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