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CE on CD: AOTA/Wayne State Univ: Integrating Mental Health into Occupational Therapy Practice With Older Adults

Presented by Wayne State University, Institute of Gerontology

Earn .6 AOTA CEUs (7.5 NBCOT PDUs/6 contact hours)

Recent changes in Medicare reimbursement for therapeutic rehabilitation make it more important than ever for therapists to achieve consistent improvement in older patients so patients can qualify for continued treatment and achieve as full a recovery as possible. Older patients recovering from strokes, heart attacks, falls, lengthy surgeries, and other conditions, however, are at an increased risk for depressed mood, anxiety or confusion that can limit their ability or willingness to participate fully in therapy. When these patients fail to meet rehabilitation goals because they do not practice or exercise as directed, they are often consigned to live their remaining days in institutional settings.

AOTA, in collaboration with the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University, is pleased to offer this new 7-hour, modular, DVD-based training program to occupational therapy practitioners to help address these mental health barriers.

Patients can be treated successfully by professionals who recognize the problem and enable patients to get the help they need. The course teaches how to identify and screen for mental health problems, how to motivate seniors who need it to accept mental health care, how to make referrals for care, and how to use their own professional skills to assist in helping patients overcome mental health problems.

A pilot study with 30 occupational therapists showed statistically significant increases in attention to mental health issues. Results are based on comparisons of charting regarding mental health issues on nearly 400 older patients, half treated before the training was given and half treated afterwards. After training, significantly more charts noted that therapists had discussed issues of mood or cognition with patients, completed depression and cognition screenings, and made referrals for mental health care.

Course Highlights

  • Overview of aging and mental health, including a review of evidence-based mental health interventions for older adults.
  • Review of tools for identifying and screening for mood disorders and problems with cognition.
  • Contributions of pharmacotherapy and procedures for referring patients for mental health care.
  • Additional modules devoted to teaching therapists how to address fear of falling and driving/driving cessation, and how to support the mental health of family caregivers.

The training program was designed with occupational therapists in mind, but it is relevant for the wide range of therapists and other professionals who work with them in serving this population. A full-day, group training co-sponsored by the Michigan Occupational Therapy Association attracted more than 125 registered occupational therapy practitioners, confirming the importance of this topic and the value of these educational materials to practitioners in the field.

Course Description

  • Module 1: Introduction & Aging and Mental Health
  • Module 2: Understanding and Treating Depression
  • Module 3: Medications and Depression: Treatments and Consequences
  • Module 4: Family Cargiving
  • Module 5: Falls, Balance and Exercise
  • Module 6: Driving and Community Mobility

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