Activity Card Sort, 2nd Edition
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ISBN: 978-1-56900-266-7

Publisher: AOTA Press

Published: 2008

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The ACS is the only assessment available that measures the full range of activities that adults do and includes 20 instrumental activities, 35 low-physical-demand leisure activities, 17 high-physical-demand leisure activities, and 17 social activities. It also reflects the client's level of engagement with each activity and whether or not that activity has been discontinued, guiding the clinician to find out why. Revisions include an updated introduction, new activities and cards, and a flash drive with sample forms and worksheets to print for use in the clinic or as an educational tool. The ACS also includes test description and methodology; administration and scoring directions; test development, validation, and reliability; and examples of test utility. The ACS allows occupational therapy practitioners to help clients ages 60 and older to describe their instrumental, leisure, and social activities.