Stroke: Interventions to Support Occupational Performance (Neurorehabilitation in Occupational Therapy Series, Volume II)
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ISBN: 9781569003640

Publisher: AOTA Press

Published: 2014

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Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in the United States. More than 60% of occupational therapy professionals work with clients who have had a stroke, an the demographics of those clients are changing. Occupational therapists need new ways to evaluate and treat clients who expect to return to work and community engagement after a stroke. By linking developments in neuroplasticity to intervention strategies, this work provides a science-driven, evidence-based approach to working with adults with stroke.

Section I presents the core material necessary to work with adults with stroke. Each chapter/lesson discusses a facet of stroke rehabilitation and provides fundamental knowledge necessary to working with the stroke population. Section II mirrors the recovery process and clinical settings in which poststroke rehabilitation takes place, applying the knowledge from the first section to clients with complex, multifaceted occupational histories, impairments, skills, and abilities. Features include Points to Ponder, a glossary, and three case studies in which hypothetical clients (based on common factors identified in actual clients) are followed through the various stages of intervention and placement.