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Rehabilitation and Disability Poster Bundle #3
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SKU: OL7143

Publisher: AOTA Continuing Education

Published: 2020

Continuing Education
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Product Overview

NEW! AOTA Virtual Conference 2020 Poster Presentations

Topic focused course bundles each include 5 posters selected for presentation at the 2020 AOTA annual conference. Each poster is presented via audio narration by the poster presenter and have 2 quiz questions to assess your learning.  A discussion board is available in each module for you to share thoughts and ask questions.

We hope that you find this new addition to our virtual conference series educational and enjoyable!

Earn: .1 AOTA CEU, 1.25 NBCOT PDU/1 Contact Hour

Description Poster #1

Sensory Diets: Do They Work?

OTs use sensory diets to manage sensory-processing disorder in children. The current evidence on the effect of sensory diets is limited. Also, findings of the studies on the effects of sensory diets are mixed (Case-Smith et al., 2015). This topic discusses the results of the study that investigated the effectiveness of sensory diets and implications for clinical application, as well as future research.




Vidya Pingale, MS, PhD, OTR/L

Tina Fletcher, MFA, EEd, OTR/L

Catherine Candler, PhD, FAOTA

Noralyn Pickens, PhD, OT

Karen Dunlap, EEd


Description Poster #2

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Avoid Making Mistakes When Starting a Practice

Starting an outpatient OT practice can be a daunting task. Due to time requirements, effort required, and funding needs, research on the practical implementation is either lacking or specific and difficult to apply. This poster will offer a general sequence and strategies the presenter found useful when starting her own practice. Topics covered will include determining patient population, establishing referral sources, using valuable time, and supply-purchase considerations.


Amanda Cobucci, OTR/L


Description Poster #3

Mapping the Items within Hand Function Tests to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health Core Set for Hand Conditions

The ICF Core Set for Hand Conditions consists of areas that can be limited due to conditions that affect the hand. This review focused on mapping the items within the currently available hand-function tests for neurological conditions onto the "fine hand use" and "hand and arm use" sections (d440 and d445, respectively) of the ICF to enhance OTs' understanding of the construct of hand-function tests.


Namrata Grampurohit, PhD, OTR/L

Gabriela Charles, MS, OTR/L

Kathleen Bartholomew, MS, OTR/L


Description Poster   #4

Virtual Reality and Goniometric Methods:  Reliability Comparisons for Documenting Shoulder Range of Motion

This study compared reliability recordings of shoulder ranges of motion using goniometer and VR methods. The results of this study demonstrate that the use of VR can be a reliable clinical tool equal or superior to goniometer methods currently used for examinations. These results have implications for OT curricular changes in the future.


Patrick Carley, DHA, MS, PT

Kimberly Putnam, OTS

Danielle Ruotolo, OTS

Kim Burkhart, SPT

Connor Sheridan, SPT


Description Poster #5

Pre Active PD: A Therapist Delivered Physical Activity Behavior Change Program for People With Early Stage Parkinson Disease

OTs are in a unique position to deliver physical activity behavioral change interventions that facilitate enhanced self-efficacy for physical activity engagement while specifically addressing barriers and facilitators unique to each individual. The purpose of this study was to assess the feasibility and acceptability of a Pre-Active PD intervention designed to increase physical activity and high-intensity, goal-directed aerobic exercise engagement for people with early-stage PD and to explore the effect estimates.


Katrina Long, MS, OTR/L

Lori Quinn, EdD, PT

Dawn Nilsen, EdD, OTR/L




Description Poster #6


Occupational Therapy Parent Education Interventions Impact on Early Childhood Development


Masters-level students established an eight-week parent-training module in collaboration with the Good Beginnings for Babies program, which provides support, counseling, advocacy, and education for pregnant and parenting teens. They assessed the babies utilizing PDMS-2 prior to and at termination of the trainings, with significant improvements in scores at post-test. They noticed barriers, such as a lack of toys and space and found that immigration concerns led parents to not seek services for their children.


Amanda Petry

Caitlin Hoehlein

Elena Kalosinis

Robin Akselrud, OTD, OTR/L