Meaningful Participation and Sensory Processing Ebook & Exam Learn and Earn
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Publisher: AOTA Continuing Education

Published: 2022

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Antoine Bailliard

Duke University, United States


Batya Engel-Yeger

University of Haifa, Israel


Winnie Dunn

University of Missouri, United States


Catana Brown

Midwestern University, United States


Earn:  1.5 AOTA CEU (15 Contact hours/18.75 NBCOT PDUs)



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Meaningful Participation and Sensory Processing is an ebook provided to practitioners free of charge through Frontiers Media SA.  The ebook can be accessed here regardless of your desire to obtain CE credit.

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Description of ebook content:

Research has demonstrated that sensory processing patterns are associated with mental health, physical health, emotional regulation, and a person’s capacity to perform tasks. The majority of research on sensory processing has adopted the biomedical model which conceptualizes sensory processing mechanistically as transmitting sense data from the environment to the central nervous system for integration and processing. Research exploring these processes tends to use sophisticated neural imaging or heavily controlled lab experiments to isolate sensory processing. As a result, these approaches have generated understandings of sensory processing which are acontextual, ahistorical, and not reflective of the everyday human lived sensory experience. There is insufficient research exploring the lived experience of sensory processing and its relationship to participation in meaningful activities, community integration, and inclusion in society. Since a proportion of the human population experiences atypical sensory processing patterns, there is a critical need to further explore the aforementioned relationships to support the health and wellbeing of persons with diverse sensory processing. Therefore, the goal of the research contained within this ebook is to expand understandings of the relationship between human sensory processing and meaningful participation, community integration, and inclusion.


Audience:  OT Practitioners

Level of Information:  Intermediate to Advanced

eBook Citation: Bailliard, A., Engel-Yeger, B., Dunn, W., Brown, C., eds. (2022). Meaningful Participation and Sensory Processing. Lausanne: Frontiers Media SA.  doi: 10.3389/978-2-83250-588-5