Why Wasn’t my Claim Paid? Ensuring Proper Reimbursement
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Published: 2021

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Product Overview

Are you submitting your claims, but getting denials? Why aren’t your claims getting paid? This webinar will review a variety of payer policies, dissect documentation records requests, and explain how to write an appeal letter to most effectively challenge denials for your private practice services.

Learning Objectives
 - To demonstrate understanding of the claims payment process.
 - To understand claims denials and the process to appeal denied claims.
 -  To understand Medicare processes for medical necessity and claims audits.
 -  To demonstrate an understanding of state and federal regulations on commercial insurance claims.

Appeals process, medicare, TPE, ABN, LCDs, NCDs, MPPR, payer policies, insurance commissioner, self-advocacy, self-pay

Monica Wright, MHA, CPC, CPMA, CPCO, Manager, Coding and Payment Policy; Julie Lenhardt, Manager, Reimbursement and Regulatory Policy, both from the American Occupational Therapy Association, North Bethesda, MD