COVID-19: Updates on Hospital-based Occupational Therapy Practice from the Frontlines
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Published: 2023

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Program Description

As the United States approaches the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinical knowledge and therapeutics to treat acute, moderate to severe SARS-CoV-2 infections have dramatically improved. Preventative and supportive medical innovations have led to improved population health outcomes and survivorship for affected individuals. Despite the reduction in mortality from acute COVID-19 infection, the global population continues to battle waves of community acquired infections that spike COVID hospitalization rates and further stress healthcare systems. This course will provide an overview of current clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of hospitalized individuals with moderate to severe COVID-19- highlighting key areas of occupational therapy contribution to interprofessional care in acute and critical care settings. The course will provide an update to occupational therapy best practices for patients hospitalized with acute COVID-19 infections, including a review of the occupational therapy process in the acute and critical care setting, safety considerations and benefits to early rehabilitation for this population. Presenters will discuss common long-term health consequences for patients surviving COVID-19 hospitalization, such as post-intensive care syndrome (PICS), which often require ongoing occupational therapy services in post-acute and community settings.


Learning Objectives

·       Verbalize key components of multidisciplinary care for hospitalized individuals with acute COVID-19 infection, including indications for acute hospitalization, safety protocols, clinical diagnostics, and complexities of discharge planning. 

·       Identify key areas of occupational performance affected in patients with acute COVID-19 infection and underlying performance skills and client factors for targeted occupational therapy assessment. 

·       Recognize key safety risks and considerations when delivering occupational therapy services to hospitalized individuals with acute COVID-19 infections requiring supplemental oxygen.

·       Outline key areas for occupational therapy intervention and treatment approaches for individuals hospitalized with acute COVID-19 infection.

·       Describe long term health outcomes of individuals hospitalized with acute COVID-19 infections and impact on occupational performance (post-intensive care syndrome, chronic COVID-related pulmonary fibrosis).


Speakers: Carnie Lewis, OTD, OTR/L, CLT, Neuro-IFRAH® Certified and Kelsey Peterson, OTD, OTR/L, Neuro-IFRAH® Certified


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