Evaluation: Obtaining and Interpreting Data, 4th Edition
Evaluation in Occupational Therapy: Obtaining and Interpreting Data, 4th Edition
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Type: Book
SKU: 900356
Type: Book
SKU: 900356
Publisher: AOTA Press
Published: 2014
ISBN: 978-156-900-356-5
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Edited by Jim Hinojosa, PhD, OT, BCP, FAOTA, and Paula Kramer, PhD, OTR, FAOTA


Evaluation, which promotes a greater understanding of the people occupa­tional therapy serves, is the founda­tion of occupational therapy practice and provides evidence to guide best practices. This new edition of the classic text focuses on the role of the occupational thera­pist as an evaluator with assessment support provided by the occupational therapy assistant. Chapters discuss the various aspects of a comprehensive evaluation, including screening, evaluation, reassessment, and re-evaluation, and reaffirm the importance of understanding people as occupational beings. This updated edition also explains statistics occupational therapy practitioners are likely to encounter and what they mean.


The expansion of this revision reflects contemporary evaluation approaches. Most importantly, the authors discuss the influence that evaluation practices have on practice and remind readers to think about not only what the current practice environment wants an evaluation to be but also what the profession believes a comprehensive evaluation should be.



Chapter 1. Evaluation: Where Do We Begin?

Chapter 2. Philosophical and Theoretical Influences on Evaluation
Chapter 3. Assessment Identification and Selection

Chapter 4. Practical Aspects of the Evaluation Process

Chapter 5. Evaluation in the Intervention Planning Process

Chapter 6. Administration of Evaluation and Assessments

Chapter 7. Contextual Evaluation to Support Participation

Chapter 8. Nonstandarized Assessments

Chapter 9. Reliability and Validity: The Psychometrics of Standardized Assessments

Chapter 10. Scoring and Interpretation of Results

Chapter 11. Interpretation and Documentation

Chapter 12. Reassessment and Reevaluation

Chapter 13. Accommodating Diversity Issues in Assessment and Evaluation

Chapter 14. Ethical Issues in Evaluation

Chapter 15. Occupational Therapy Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice

Chapter 16. Additional Uses of Evaluation Data


978-1-56900-356-5, 322 pages, 2014