Collaborating for Student Success: A Guide for School-Based Occupational Therapy, 2nd Edition
Collaborating for Student Success: A Guide for School-Based Occupational Therapy, 2nd Edition
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ISBN: 978-1-56900-384-8

Publisher: AOTA Press

Published: 2016

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Edited by Barbara Hanft, MA, OTR/L, and Jayne Shepherd, MS, OTR


Although effective collaboration is a crucial part of providing occupational therapy services in all settings, it is especially important in education. This exciting update to the best-selling Collaborating for Student Success provides practical, real-world guidance on how to collaborate with students, families, and school personnel to support student performance, participation, and success. This text connects these goals to the mandates of IDEA and NCLB to help all students participate in the general curriculum. 


This edition is aligned with the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, legislative mandates, and current evidence and best practices in school-based occupational therapy. In addition, two new chapters focus on leading and sustaining system supports and collaborating in preschools.



Chapter 1. 2…4…6...8… How Do You Collaborate?

Chapter 2. Collaboration Works!

Chapter 3. Team Faces, Spaces, and Paces

Chapter 4. Teamwork vs. the Lone Ranger

Chapter 5. Conflict Happens: Negotiate, Collaborate, and Get Over It

Chapter 6. Getting in to a Collaborative School Routine

Chapter 7. The Nitty Gritty: Daily Collaborations

Chapter 8. The Nitty Gritty: System Support Collaborations

Chapter 9. Collaboration in Preschool: Family and School Partners


Each chapter includes “Voices”—perspectives of students, parents, educators, administrators, and occupational therapy students and professionals; “Collaboration in Action”—case examples from practice; “Remember This”—key points to keep in mind; “Toolboxes”—print and electronic; and “Reflections”—questions that apply the chapter’s content to specific situations. A collection of blank forms and worksheets is included in the appendix as well as on a flash drive for ease of use in the classroom and in practice.


978-1-56900-384-8, 358 pages, 2016