What Is Occupational Therapy: Children & Youth (pk/25)
What Is Occupational Therapy: Children & Youth (pk/25)
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Publisher: AOTA Press

Published: 2013

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AOTA now offers a new pediatric version of the What Is Occupational Therapy? brochure.  It is a valuable resource for consumers and other health care professionals to better understand the role of skilled occupational therapy professionals who use research and evidence to ensure that their interventions help children and youth achieve their goals in life.
Answering top Qs about occupational therapy, readers will learn

  • WHO are Occupational Therapy Practitioners?— explains the unique and holistic health care skills that OT practitioners provide through evidence-based research and practice.
  • WHY Would My Child Need Occupational Therapy?— describes the role of OT evaluation and intervention in enabling children and youth to participate in daily activities.  
  • WHEN Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?—addresses OT services that focus on children and family goals, child activities, independence, and function and success.
  • WHAT Does Occupational Therapy Have To Do With My Child?—explains how OT supports children of all ages in challenges that affect their occupations such as playing, learning, sleeping, and interacting with friends.
  • WHERE Can I Get Occupational Therapy? — identifies work settings where OT practitioners are employed.
  • HOW Do I Contact An Occupational Therapy Practitioner? — provides information about receiving occupational therapy services.

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