Asher’s Occupational Therapy Assessment Tools, 4th Edition
Asher’s Occupational Therapy Assessment Tools, 4th Edition
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Type: Book
SKU: 900353
Type: Book
SKU: 900353
Publisher: AOTA Press
Published: 2014
ISBN: 978-156-900-353-4
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Edited by Ina Elfant Asher, MS, OTR/L


Nearly 600 instruments are reviewed in this new edition of occupational therapy’s classic publication, includ­ing many developed by occupational therapists. An international team of academicians, clinicians, researchers, and advanced-degree candidates working in various prac­tice arenas collaborated on this update. The assessment profiles—which include title, authors, format, purpose, population, time required to administer, setting or position, materials or tools, brief description, interpretation, reli­ability and validity, source, additional references, cost, and sample—will be useful to clinicians and students, who must choose appropriate tools for clinical practice; to educators, who select assessment procedures for the classroom; and to researchers, who will find instruments that are designed for research purposes or will benefit from further investiga­tion.


This edition includes a matrix of all assessments on a flash drive, show­ing content areas and age ranges of each instrument. 



Part I. Introduction

Chapter 1. How to Use This Book

Chapter 2. The Assessment Tool


Part II. Outcome Measures

Chapter 3. Occupational Performance Assessments

Chapter 4. Quality-of-Life Assessments

Chapter 5. Disability Status and Adaptive Behaviors Assessments


Part III. Assessments of Occupations

Chapter 6. Assessments for ADLs and IADLs, Including Driving

Chapter 7. Rest and Sleep Assessments

Chapter 8. Education Assessments

Chapter 9. Work Assessments

Chapter 10. Play Assessments

Chapter 11. Leisure Assessments

Chapter 12. Social Participation Assessments


Part IV. Assessments of Performance Skills and Client Factors

Chapter 13. Sensory-Perceptual Assessments

Chapter 14. Motor and Praxis Assessments

Chapter 15. Emotional Regulation and Psychological Assessments

Chapter 16. Cognitive Assessments

Chapter 17. Social Interaction Skills Assessments

Chapter 18. Assessments of Values, Beliefs, and Spirituality

Chapter 19. Developmental Assessments


Part V. Assessments of Performance Patterns

Chapter 20. Assessments of Habits, Routines, Roles, and Rituals


Part VI. Assessments of Contexts

Chapter 21. Assessments of Context: Physical Environment

Chapter 22. Assessments of Context: Social & Virtual Contexts


978-1-56900-353-4, 836 pages, 2014