Screening Adult Neurologic Populations, 2nd Ed
Screening Adult Neurologic Populations: A Step-by-Step Instruction Manual, 2nd Edition
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Type: Book
SKU: 1226A
Type: Book
SKU: 1226A
Publisher: AOTA Press
Published: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-56900-257-5
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By Sharon A. Gutman, PhD, OTR/L, and Alison B. Schonfeld, OTR/L

From TBI to dementia, occupational therapists working with adults with neurological difficulties must be able to efficiently use various screening methods to pinpoint deficits and determine how they affect a client's daily functioning. A well-used staple in hundreds of occupational therapy clinicians' libraries and classrooms, Screening Adult Neurologic Populations guides occupational therapists through the entire screening process in an easy-to-use format.

This edition provides detailed steps for cognitive, functional visual, perceptual, sensory, motor, cerebellar function, cranial nerve function, neuropathy and peripheral nerve function, and dysphagia screening in addition to a new section on mental status. Each chapter has screening forms that can be printed from the enclosed flash drive, and a new detailed case study guides occupational therapy students and clinicians through the evaluation process.

Clearly outlining how to administer clinical screens with step-by-step instructions and extensive photographs, this book is ideal for occupational therapy students and remains an essential tool for clinicians and therapists working in community and home health settings.

"This comprehensive manual describes strategies that occupational therapists can use to screen for neurological impairment and provides an excellent compendium of information to guide the therapist. The screening chcklists are particularly useful."
- Lorry Liotta-Kleinfeld, EdD, OTR, BCP
  Belmont University, Nashville, TN

Section 1. Cognitive Screening
Section 2. Functional Visual Screening
Section 3. Perceptual Screening
Section 4. Sensory Screening
Section 5. Motor Screening
Section 6. Cerebellar and Basal Ganglia Function Screening
Section 7. Cranial Nerve Function Screening
Section 8. Neuropathy and Peripheral Nerve Functioning
Section 9. Dysphagia Screening
Section 10. Mental Status Screening
Appendixes--Glossary, list of in-depth assessments

978-1-56900-257-5, 318 pages, 2009