Living Life to Its Fullest: Stories of Occupational Therapy
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Type: Book
SKU: 1254
Type: Book
SKU: 1254
Publisher: AOTA Press
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-56900-294-0
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Edited by Ashley Hofmann and Molly Strzelecki

Through a collection of real-life experiences, this inspiring new book takes a unique and personal approach to defining and articulating occupational therapy, its significance in shaping the lives and practices of providers, and its power in providing the hope, courage, and determination for clients to live full and meaningful lives. The collection includes stories of working with clients in hospice, describing OT through scent and sound, advocating for the profession, and much more. Living Life To Its Fullest means many things to different people, and this tapestry of stories showcases just some of the ways practitioners, educators, students, and scientists have put meaning behind the words and made them a part of their everyday lives.