For the Love of Occupation
For the Love of Occupation: Reflections on a Career in Occupational Therapy
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Type: Book
SKU: 1246
Type: Book
SKU: 1246
Publisher: AOTA Press
Published: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-56900-244-5
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By Mildred Ross, OTR/L, FAOTA

How can occupational therapy reaffirm its historical commitment to client needs? As we approach the centennial of our founding as a profession and look forward to challenges never before faced, we must draw on the lessons of the past to help inform our future. The time could not be better to publish For the Love of Occupation, a storehouse of remembrances from an honored occupational therapist whose career spans more than 50 years. Her reflections and wise words will inspire readers to see the occupation in occupational therapy intervention as most meaningful to creating happy, healthful lives for clients and their families.

Through engaging story-telling interwoven with current and historical references, Mildred Ross reflects on how she attended her occupational therapy practice in a variety of settings and with a diversity of clients and health care colleagues, all within the contexts of public policy changes, medical breakthroughs, bureaucratic pitfalls, cultural and historical significance, and inspired colleagues. Over the years, an increased appreciation, insight, and growth, as well as the changes within the profession, helped her to seek compatibility of occupational therapy intervention goals with clients’ physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual needs—a client-centered approach.

This book describes the familiar, traditional places where occupational therapy professionals have functioned, particularly in physical disabilities, mental health, developmental disabilities, and home care, with a brief foray into emerging practice areas. Chapters begin with discussions of the major social and political events of each decade and how occupational therapy responded to the distinctive mood, style, spirit, and needs of each era with innovation and service to others. Readers will come away with an appreciation for the remarkable significance of the occupation in occupational therapy and its translation into the lives of people.

Chapter 1. My Family: "The Long Way Is the Short Way"
Chapter 2. The 1950s: Starting Out
Chapter 3. The 1960s: Balancing Motherhood and Work
Chapter 4. The 1970s: Physical Disabilities and Mental Health
Chapter 5. The 1980s: Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 6. The 1990s: Home Care
Chapter 7. Reflection
Appendix by Signian McGeary, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

978-1-56900-244-5, 121 pages, 2009