Occupational Therapy Manager, 5th Edition
Occupational Therapy Manager, 5th Edition
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Type: Book
SKU: 1390C
Type: Book
SKU: 1390C
Publisher: AOTA Press
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-56900-273-5
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Edited by Karen Jacobs, EdD, OTR/L, CPE, FAOTA, and Guy L. McCormack, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

In today’s health care environment, occupational therapy practitioners in clinical and leadership positions must be prepared to ensure that clients receive the highest quality of care; staff morale and efficiency remain high; businesses and organizations are profitable; and the profession is recognized by other health care professionals, reimbursers, and clients as a valuable service steeped in evidence. The Occupational Therapy Manager, 5th Edition, can help occupational therapy practitioners become capable, effective leaders across all practice settings. This new edition includes 37 new and updated chapters, discussing the how-to aspects of creating evidence-based practices; effectively leading and motivating staff; ensuring ethical service delivery; and important day-to-day items such as budgeting, documentation, and reimbursement. Chapters also are updated to reflect health care reform and its potential effects on occupational therapy.

Part I. Defining and Rethinking Management
Chapter 1. Historial and Current Perspectives on Management
Chapter 2. Common Skill Sets for Occupational Therapy Managers and Practitioners
Chapter 3. Evolution of Occupational Therapy Delivery Systems
Chapter 4. Dynamical Systems Theory in Occupational Therapy Management
Chapter 5. Occupation-Based Practice in Management

Part II. Strategic Planning
Chapter 6. Strategic Planning
Chapter 7. Financial Planning and Budgeting
Chapter 8. Marketing Occupational Therapy
Chapter 9. Starting a New Program, Business, or Practice
Chapter 10. Entrepreneurship
Chapter 11. Proposal and Grant Writing

Part III. Leading and Organizing
Chapter 12. Communication in the Workplace
Chapter 13. Personnel Management
Chapter 14. Conflict Resolution
Chapter 15. Motivating Employees
Chapter 16. Mentoring and Professional Development
Chapter 17. Global Perspectives in Occupational Therapy Practice
Chapter 18. Leadership Development
Chapter 19. Passion = Energy = Quality: Leading Others to Love Their Work
Chapter 20. A Legacy of Leadership: Transforming the Occupational Therapy Profession
Chapter 21. Managing Programs in Emerging Practice Areas

Part IV. Controlling Outcomes
Chapter 22. Evidence-Based Practice
Chapter 23. Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Management
Chapter 24. Documentation of Occupational Therapy
Chapter 25. Reimbursement
Chapter 26. Evaluating Occupational Therapy Services
Chapter 27. Managing Organizational Change

Part V. Public Policy, Professional Standards, and Collaboration
Chapter 28. Federal Legislative Advocacy
Chapter 29. State Regulation of Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants
Chapter 30. Ethical Dimensions of Occupational Therapy
Chapter 31. Continuing Competency
Chapter 32. Legal Dimensions of Occupational Therapy
Chapter 33. Consultation: Collaborative Interventions for Change
Chapter 34. Health Disparities in Practice and the Workplace: A Manager's Role in Ensuring Equitable Client Care
Chapter 35. Major Accrediting Organizations That Influence Occupational Therapy Practice
Chapter 36. Accreditation Related to Education

Part VI. Supervision
Chapter 37. Management of Fieldwork Education

Appendixes—Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards, Scope of Practice, ACOTE Standards, and more!

The Occupational Therapy Manager is the best-selling and most comprehensive management book in the profession and is a fundamental, classic text for all occupational therapy students, practitioners, and managers.

978-1-56900-273-5, 669 pages, 2011