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Why Should I Choose an Occupational Therapy Driving Rehabilitation Specialist

Driving is a very complex task. Understanding all of the factors that make it possible to drive safely and that may present barriers to a driver continuing to drive safely requires specialized training.

Occupational therapists with such specialized training in driver rehabilitation are able to identify not only a driver's strengths but also the physical, visual, and cognitive challenges the individual faces. As a result, occupational therapists can evaluate an individual's overall ability to operate a vehicle safely and, if needed, recommend ways to limit risks.

Not all driver rehabilitation specialists are occupational therapists. But occupational therapists have the extensive training and knowledge needed to recognize the impact of medical conditions and the aging process on driving performance. They use skill-building, behavioral, and adaptive approaches to keeping a person mobile in his or her community, even if he or she must limit or stop driving.

Driver Rehabilitation Services may be available in some areas and not in others. If you cannot find a driver rehabilitation specialist in the data base in your area, contact your local rehabilitation hospital's occupational therapy department for help in locating a driver rehabilitation program. AOTA is constantly working to expand and update the driver rehabilitation specialist data base.

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